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Welcome to the information page for the Virtual Apple ][ site.  This is where you will find all of the details about the site, how it came about, where it is going and what is contained here.

Virtual Apple ][ is a site which will take you back to the 1980's through its collection of more than 1450 game disks online. Play and enjoy old Apple ][ (Apple2) and Apple IIgs games and other disks through your Internet web browser. You will find games like Oregon Trail and Number Munchers which many of you played as kids, as well as games like Tetris, Battle Chess, Leisure Suit Larry, Choplifter, Archon II and Kings Quest. 

All of the games in this archive fit into one of these three categories:  Freeware, Abandon Ware, or Public Domain.  While there are currently over 1450 disk images archives on the website, we continue adding more as we receive the disks from the authors of the software.

We are currently in the process of collecting specific program documentation and box cover images, as well as any other information about the games and or game play / control.  If you have items or information which you would like to donate to the site, please contact us through our contact form.  

The items we currently are accepting are as follows:  Original Games, Manuals, Box Covers, Hints, Walkthroughs Articles, and Pictures or Screenshots.  All items received are added to our database and made available for public consumption.  If you have pre-made digitizations of the said materials, we will accept those as well, which will save our team time and effort in adding them to the database.

All of the games on the Virtual Apple ][ website are also playable offline as well as online.  You can download the disk images for a particular game and run the disks on your favorite emulator or on an actual Apple ][ computer.  Emulators are available all over the internet for various flavors of machine.

For PC users, we recommend Applewin emulator for local use and for those Mac Users with Intel based machines, you can run the programs on your machine by downloading the disks and Sheepy's Sweet16 Apple IIgs Emulator. For local Apple II emulation on Mac OS X, the best one is Virtual ][ emulator and the individual disks. We recommend these  emulators due to the amount of development that has gone into the programs. 

This site is completely spyware free and usage of the emulator is completely free!

Virtual Apple ][ is a completely volunteer run operation and relies on the generosity of those folks who have contributed time, energy, money, and a great deal of their own efforts over the years to make the site the best possible Apple ][ website.  For those of you who have already contributed to the project, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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