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Although we do carry advertising on Virtual Apple ][ in order to cover the costs of operations, server fees, bandwidth, and other miscellaneous items, this does not mean that we will carry all advertising. 

Our site is an education centric site with thousands of educational institutions globally using our site in their classrooms.  This means that all advertising on the site must be child friendly.  I.E. no gambling sites, no porn sites, no sites that promote either drinking or smoking, no RX or drug sites and we definitely do not exchange links with unknown advertisers.  These restrictions are not negotiable and are in place in order to protect both our users and our standing in the educational community.

Apple User Groups and website owners of vintage Apple computing related sites are welcome to send us their website information for evaluation and inclusion in our Links section.

If you wish to purchase advertising on this website, you must fulfill all of the requirements laid out in this page.  Our rates are available from the webmaster.  You can get our latest advertising detail booklet by using the Contact Us form included on this site. 

If you do not agree with the requirements specified above, do not contact us about advertising on our site.

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