I am having trouble changing disks

For the past several months, many users have been experiencing a phenomena brought about by changes in Java.  Unfortunately these changes have been causing issues that are beyond our control.  If you have not done so, we recommend highly that you update to the latest version of Java available from Oracle.   

If you continue to experience issues with the disk change, then try the ActiveGS Plugin version of the game.   While many institutions still do not allow external plugins, we recommend that if you are in a position to change policy on this, recommend that the institution allow the plugin.  It does not contain spyware or viruses and is constantly being developed.

If you are using the ActiveGS version of the emulator and experience issues with changing disks, make sure that you do not have security settings blocking Javascript.  Disk changing within our website relies on Javascript to perform the change and returning focus to the emulator after the disk change.

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